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Winterization | SGPNow


A contractor will prepare your property for the cold weather
  • $250.00
Debris Removal | SGPNow

Debris Removal

Our teams haul away large items and remove all types of debris
  • $50.00
Contact Inspection  | SGPNow

Contact Inspection

An inspector visits a property to make contact with the occupant
  • $50.00
Exterior Property Inspection | SGPNow

Exterior Property Inspection

An inspector will do a walk-around to determine the exterior condition
  • $50.00
Grass Cut | Recurring Subscription

Grass Cut - Recurring Subscription

Regular lawn maintenance will be performed at your property
  • From $45.00
Grass Cut | One Time Order

Grass Cut - One Time Order

A contractor will cut grass at and remove light yard debris
  • From $45.00
Exterior Inspection | Recurring Subscription

Exterior Property Inspection - Recurring Subscription

An inspector will perform a walk-around of the property on a schedule
  • $50.00