The Ultimate Property Inspection Guide

Property Inspection


Properties, no matter how small, can cost a fortune. Therefore, when buying a property, you need to be sure that such property is the right fit for you. When you are aware of the state of the property you are buying, you will be able to avoid risks and also save yourself from undue stress and costs.

House-hunting can be a difficult task especially when you can't seem to find one that you like. The best way to get things done is to ensure that there is a property inspection before buying a property. In this ultimate property inspection guide, you will get insights on the benefits of property inspection, things that are included in the general property inspection checklist, and the types of the property inspection.

Property Inspection: What Does It Mean?

Property inspection is a neutral assessment of a building done by a professional property inspector who has been trained and is experienced in inspecting buildings. Property inspectors usually have to inspect in person to be sure that the house is in good shape before you can buy the property.

When buying a house, it is one of the many requirements that you must get from the house seller. That is, the seller must present you with a property inspection report before you make a purchase. 

Usually, the purpose of the report is to help a buyer make an informed decision before the purchase. A property condition report has everything you need to know about the property. It will tell you if the property is safe and if the building is in good condition. It also includes vital information you need to know about the house like if there is any problem that can be fixed or not. All these are works of a property inspector.

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What Happens Before, During, and after Property Inspection?

Before you get your property inspected, first you need to find an inspector that you can trust to do a great job. There are factors to consider before you choose a property inspection service. They include;

  • Online Appearance

You need an inspector that is reputable and reliable. Checking if they have good reviews will help.

  • Their Experience As An Inspector

What you are looking for is an inspector that understands the benefit of data and is dedicated to providing credible services without being biased. The inspector must be licensed.

  • Know The Cost

One of the things to consider before property inspection is the cost especially if you are the one hiring an inspector. While property inspection services charge based on the size of the property they are inspecting, most of the time it costs $300 to $600.

Ready to inspect?

After you have found a trusted inspection service, you can then make an appointment for the inspection to be completed. The inspector is going to examine the structure of the building, plumbing, mechanical, and other appliances. During the inspection, you should seek answers if there is a problem and how it can be fixed. If you don’t know how a particular thing works you must ask them.

You can make inquiries about the following:

Are there any issues with the house?

It is the job of the inspector to confirm if there is any problem with the property. The inspector must also tell you if the issue demands an urgent fix or if it can be managed. So, do yourself a favor and must ask questions. After all, only you can tell what’s best for you.

Ask your inspector to show you how things work?

This is a normal question. It is even very crucial if you notice you are not familiar with any of the electronic appliances in the building. Tell the inspector to show you how to operate it, how it works, and if it is in a good condition.

What is an Inspection Report?

Property Inspection Report

After you and the inspector have completed the process, the inspector will give her/his report. The next step is for you to make your decision regarding the property. The report is to help you make an informed decision so you must try your best to read it thoroughly. As a potential buyer, you can choose to do any of the following.
  • Walk away:
  • Nothing is binding you and your realtor yet so if after the inspection you don’t like the property, you can decide to walk away. If you feel the damages are serious and would require money and time, the best decision is to leave the property.

  • Wait for the Realtor to fix things:
  • There is no doubt that house-hunting is a daunting task. You may consider this and choose to wait. In most cases, you can also use the waiting time to your advantage by negotiating for a price reduction. The Realtor may refuse to reduce the price before inspection but after inspecting the property let them know that you are not buying a damaged good.

    You can also tell your Realtor to make payments for the repairs. Your realtor might also choose to repair the necessary things from your payment. At this point, you need to negotiate. 

    What Are Types of Property Inspection?

    There are different types of property inspection that you can choose from. The property inspection services you decide to use will depend on your knowledge and what works best for you. 

    Broker Price Opinion

    If you require a third party that will tell you about the value of the property without bias then you should opt for this type of inspection. The report of a broker consists of their opinion of the value of the property. The job of a Broker Price Opinion is not limited to interior inspection alone; it can only be an evaluation from the outside like a drive-by visit. To decide the value, Broker Price Opinion compares it to other properties that are available or sold. They are fast in their approach and effective.

    SGPNow is one property inspection service that offers this type of service. Starting at just $105, teams up with a network of experienced real estate agents to help give you an accurate value. Our group of experts is aimed at ensuring that quality service is delivered. The report of SGPNow Broker Price Opinion includes; 96.8% Broker Price Opinion value and liquidation value, the condition of the property and its marketability, and the market value of the property. It helps you know the value of the property.

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    Contact Inspection

    Contact inspection is something useful if you have already have stake in a property and need to understand the condition and occupancy. In a contact inspection, the inspector will talk to the occupants to determine if they occupy and maintain the property, and also observe the overall exterior condition.

    At SGPNow, a qualified inspector will be sent to the property to interact with the occupants and also note down the condition of the property from the street to the front door and the compound. For contact inspection, SGPNow charges $50. In the report, you will get the name of the occupant, information on the condition of the general exterior of the property, and detailed photo documentation.

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    Exterior Property Inspection

    Exterior inspection will help you discover issues that may be costly to you down the road. There are cases where the exterior looks perfect while the interior isn’t, a professional inspector will help uncover the faults. The inspector will examine the roof, walls, drainage, stairs, and decking. An untrained eye can be fooled by the exterior designs of the house and that’s why you shouldn’t do it yourself. also offers exterior property inspection for $50. An experienced inspection will have to visit the property and examine the exterior condition to check the conditions before giving you a report. The report will include; a thorough description of the exterior condition, photos, and also report issues like exterior damage, damaged door locks or windows, the grass, and so on.

    No contact Inspection

    You must not confuse No-Contact Inspection with Contact Inspection. In this type, the inspector only has to verify if there are any occupants, examine the condition which will be documented in the report with detailed photo documentation.

    Starting at $45 for a no contact inspection. will be provide a detailed report on occupancy, property condition, and photos to support.

    Natural Disaster Inspection

    Are there any damages relating to natural disasters that you need to be aware of? Your inspector will help you find out during a natural disaster inspection. Your inspector will inform you if there is any damage that is directly associated with disasters.

    With, you will be given a report that includes information on the interior and exterior condition after a natural disaster, any damages associated with that event and photo documentation. SGPNow natural disaster inspection costs only $75.

    When Natural Disaster Strikes, You Can Always Count on SGPNow's Natural Disaster

    Property Assessment

    Property assessment is an overall inspection of the property. It includes the interior and exterior. They let you know all the details that you need to know like occupant neglect, infestation risks, roof damages, water intrusion, and so on. This shouldn’t be confused with property assessment with bids.

    If you want a property assessment with bids, SGPNow offers this service for $95. Property assessment with bids ensures that a bid is provided to remediate any damages found in a property to ensure that it is in a better state.

    What Is The Checklist For a Property Inspection?

    Whatever type of inspection will be carried out on your property; there are lists that you can prepare for inspection before the property inspector comes around.

    Property Inspection Checklist | SGPNow


    A general property inspection checklist includes;

    • Roof
    • Electrical appliances: light switches, and power outlets
    • Walls, ceilings, decking
    • Doors and window
    • Railings and stairs
    • Foundation
    • Exterior point
    • Basement and garage
    • Balconies and porches
    • Heating, cooling system, and ventilation
    • Plumbing, faucets, and water heater

    What are the Benefits of a Property Inspection?

    The benefit of property inspection can’t be ignored. If you still doubt that you need a proper inspection done on your property; these are the benefits;

    1. It influences your decision

    Buying a property isn’t child play. You need to put a lot of things into consideration before you can decide if a property is best for you. A property inspector will help you with that and they will also help you make an informed decision. You need the service of an experienced inspector; they know what to look out for. They will advise you and inform you if there are any issues that you must be aware of. So, you will be able to decide if you need to walk away or negotiate

    2. It helps you maintain the value of your property 

    The benefit of property inspection is not limited to the buyer alone. Property inspection helps a realtor to know the value of their property and how to maintain it. You will know what needs to be fixed to help maintain your property so you won’t have to sell it below the value.


    There is no argument about the usefulness of property inspection. As a buyer, it helps you buy the value of your money, and as a seller, you get to sell at the actual value of your property. Do you need the service of a property inspector? is a team of professional inspectors with significant experience to give you actionable reports to guide you on property acquisitions.

    Based in the United States, SGPNow provides inspection services across 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands included. Visit our website to get your properties inspected.