Advantages of Using an Eviction Service

Evictions, while unfortunate, can be a necessity when renting out your property. They are especially critical when tenants cause damage to your property, refuse to vacate, are late on rent payments or, in worst case scenarios, do not pay the rent at all. An eviction is not an easy process and is best handled by a professional eviction services company. 

Eviction Procedures

  1. Notice of Pay or Quit 

A formal warning is given to the tenants by the landlord in the form of a Pay or Quit notice. This notice states that they are in violation of the lease. There would be specific instructions and rules that are to be followed by the tenants and also the time frame given before eviction is heard in the court.

Being a landlord it is better advised to send this notice of Pay and Quit through a certified mail ensuring that the date of the notice sent is recorded for legal purposes. Once the certified mail has been sent, you can also send it through a post which is a common practice.

  1. Filling out the Eviction Forms

As a landlord you will have to wait patiently till the number of days specified in the notice is passed. As for the tenant, they will have to comply by vacating the premises. This wait period is crucial, because if the tenant fails to comply then the court would file the eviction.

The forms required to do so are:

  • The Eviction Complaint: The form which would officially begin the eviction case
  • The Summons: An information stating out the details of eviction
  1. Final Judgment

The final step in the eviction process is the removal of the tenant and their belongings from your property.

There are innumerable advantages of hiring a company for an eviction procedure rather than doing it all by yourself.

What are the advantages of using eviction service?

Company Knows the Laws:

The eviction law is not the same for all the states as each state has their own eviction law. The process to evict involves a lot of legal steps like sending a legal notice to the tenants. The notice will give time for the tenant to move out of the property willingly or pay the dues. If even after all this the tenant doesn't budge, then eviction is the last resort.  A professional eviction service has a huge team of experts who are experienced in the process and are also well aware of the legalities of eviction. By hiring them as a landlord you need not worry about anything else as the professionals would take care.

Mental Peace:

For a landlord, eviction is not a very great thing which all of us know, but since the tenants have not left you with any choice, it becomes mandatory to take this step. When an eviction notice is sent to the tenants, they do not take it very well. Their reactions can cause you distress and sleepless nights. But thanks to the eviction service company, you need not worry much about the procedure or the reactions as they would take care of everything. You need not worry about the paperwork or the further procedures as this being their everyday job, these experts would do it perfectly and with ease. Your mental peace would be safe.

Safety and Security:

During the eviction process, there are chances that being a landlord your tenant might threaten you or might take some serious steps which might turn out to be fatal. Instead of handling it all on your own, it is best if the professionals handle it. So hiring an eviction service is beneficial as they would easily take care of such situations. This would protect you, your family and eventually your property as well. 

Years of Experience:

There are chances that the tenants might get offended by seeing an eviction notice. The tenants might then escalate the issue creating a huge mess for you as for both the parties the stakes would be high. You might get entangled in this dispute which would act negatively on you.

But if professionals handle the case, they would have handled hundreds of such cases and would guide you on the right path. They would ensure that the escalation does not arise. The whole case can be in your favor by the help of the eviction service company and their experience. 

We at SGPNow feel that an eviction case should not take up too much of your time and energy. When property maintenance services providers like us have the expertise and experience of eviction why should one face unnecessary troubles. You can consult us for a professional eviction service for a quick, proper, legal and safe eviction process. SGPNow can surely help you. Get in touch with us for more information.