Quality Work Guaranteed

At SGPNow.com we understand the amount of stress and money at stake when it comes to preserving our customers’ assets; because of this, we guarantee our work 100%.

What does this mean to our customers? We QC 100% of orders before final results are delivered and if they do not meet our standard, we’ll redo the work at no additional cost to our customer.

With SGPNOW.com, our customers will never experience the frustration of an unfinished job due to the nationwide network we have built of insured, licensed and fully vetted vendors.  In the off chance that a vendor is not able to finish a project, we have the coverage available to replace them with no change in scope or additional cost to our customer.

Nationwide Property Services On Demand

Leveraging the best practices, vendor network, and technology of its parent company, Safeguard Properties, SGPNow.com provides single- and multi-property stakeholders high quality and cost-efficient services for rental, REO, or investment properties. This online service is for property owners who want quality-controlled results without a contract or long-term commitment.

Using our nationwide network of professionals, we inspect
and preserve properties in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam.

About Our Parent Company

Founded in May of 1990, Safeguard Properties is the mortgage field services industry leader, inspecting and preserving vacant and foreclosed properties across the U.S. With a focus and investment in innovative technologies, Safeguard provides the highest quality service to our clients by proactively developing industry best practices and quality control procedures.

Customer Service = Resolution® It is more than a motto. It is a promise to our clients that we will deliver mortgage field services efficiently, effectively and at the highest levels of quality. We pride ourselves in our dedication to working with community leaders and officials to eliminate blight and stabilize neighborhoods across the country.