Clear Boarding: Securing your Property with Style


In recent years, traditional boarding-up methods have given way to innovative solutions like clear boarding. This method of securing your property not only provides protection from potential crime, weather, and pests but also maintains its aesthetic appeal.

The Evolution of Property Security

Property security has always been a top concern for property owners and managers. Whether safeguarding vacant properties, protecting assets during renovations, or securing structures after unforeseen events like storms or break-ins, choosing the right method is crucial.

Historically, traditional boarding-up methods involved using plywood to cover doors and windows. While effective in providing security, these methods had significant drawbacks. Plywood boarding not only obstructed natural light but also created an unsightly appearance, often giving the impression of an abandoned or neglected property.

The need for an alternative solution that combines security with aesthetics led to the development of clear boarding—a method that has been gaining traction in the property security industry.

Introducing Clear Boarding

Clear boarding is a modern approach to property security that offers a multitude of benefits. It replaces plywood with clear, polycarbonate sheets that resemble traditional windows. This innovation provides a clear view of the property's interior while maintaining a level of protection that is as effective as conventional boarding methods.

Let's explore the advantages of clear boarding:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Unlike traditional boarding that obstructs views and natural light, clear boarding gives the property an open and inviting appearance. It allows potential buyers or renters to see the interior, making the property seem more appealing and well-maintained.
  • Deterrence: Clear boarding serves as a visual deterrent to potential intruders. When they see a property is well-secured, the likelihood of break-ins or vandalism decreases.
  • Easy Inspection: Property managers or real estate professionals can easily inspect the interior of a clear-boarded property without the need for removal. This streamlines the process of property evaluation, maintenance, and readiness for sale or rent.
  • Minimal Property Damage: One of the standout features of clear boarding is that it causes no damage to window framing or the property's structure. This preserves the integrity of the building, preventing additional costs for repairs.
  • Customization: Clear boards can be cut to fit any window size or shape, allowing for customization to suit the property's unique needs.

SGPNOW's Clear Boarding Service

At SGPNOW, we understand the importance of property security and aesthetics. Our clear boarding service offers all the benefits mentioned above, and more:

  • Nationwide Network: We have a nationwide network of qualified vendors ready to secure your property.
  • Transparent Process: We provide clear and transparent communication throughout the process, ensuring you are informed at every step.
  • Professional Documentation: Our service includes thorough photo documentation of the property's current condition.

In an increasingly security-conscious world, property owners and managers are seeking solutions that not only protect their investments but also maintain the visual appeal of their properties. Clear boarding, with its aesthetic and security benefits, has emerged as a compelling choice.

If you're looking to secure your property with style and efficiency, consider SGPNOW's clear boarding service. Our nationwide network of qualified vendors, transparent process, and professional documentation make us your trusted partner in property security and enhancement. Choose clear boarding and safeguard your property while keeping it visually appealing.