A Complete Guide to Maintaining Vacant Investment Properties


Investing in properties comes with the responsibility of ensuring that they are well-maintained, especially during periods of vacancy. The upkeep of vacant investment properties is not only about preserving their aesthetic appeal but also about safeguarding their value and integrity. 

In this comprehensive guide, let’s look into the challenges associated with maintaining vacant investment properties and introduce SGPNOW's specialized services designed to address these individual needs.

Winterization for Protecting Properties from the Freeze Damage

Throughout winter, the risk of damage to vacant properties increases significantly. SGPNOW's Winterization service is an active approach to mitigate potential plumbing issues caused by freezing temperatures. A qualified SGPNOW vendor employs an air compressor to remove water from the property's plumbing system, ensuring that all lines are clear. The comprehensive process includes draining and cleaning all toilets, conducting a pressure test to ensure the system's integrity, and adding antifreeze to sinks, traps, toilet bowls, and tanks.

To signify the property's winterized status, Winterization stickers are applied to all plumbing fixtures. This not only serves as a visual indicator but also communicates to anyone involved in property management that necessary precautions have been taken. The inclusion of photo documentation further assures property owners of the completed work, providing tangible evidence of the winterization process.

Exterior Inspections for Visible Damages

Understanding the external condition of a property is crucial for preventing deterioration. SGPNOW's Exterior Inspection service involves a qualified field inspector thoroughly walking the property's exterior to report any visible damage. This thorough inspection covers aspects such as the roof, siding, windows, and landscaping.

Available as a one-time order or a recurring service, this flexibility allows property owners to tailor inspections based on the specific needs of their investment properties. The incorporation of photo documentation ensures that property owners have a clear understanding of the property's exterior condition.

Interior Inspections for Thorough Assessments

While the external condition is crucial, an in-depth evaluation of the interior is equally significant during property vacancies. SGPNOW's Interior Inspection service extends the evaluation to both the exterior and interior. A qualified field inspector conducts a comprehensive walkthrough, reporting any visible damage within the property.

Interior inspection is also available as a one-time order or a recurring service. This inspection type allows property owners to specify the frequency based on the property's needs. It's important to note that access to the property's interior is required for this inspection type. The accompanying photo documentation ensures transparency and thorough reporting.

Grass Cuts for Maintaining Curb Appeal

A well-maintained exterior enhances a property's curb appeal, even during periods of vacancy. SGPNOW's Grass Cut service provides a comprehensive solution, including edging, weed whacking, and the removal of clippings from hard surfaces. Property owners can choose from a one-time order or a recurring service, allowing for the customization of the grass cut frequency based on property requirements.

The inclusion of photo documentation further adds to the commitment to quality and provides property owners with tangible evidence of the work completed.

Snow Removal Subscription to Make Properties Winter-Ready 

For properties located in snowy regions, SGPNOW's Snow Removal Subscription offers a practical and seasonal solution. We ensure that a qualified SGPNOW vendor will be on-site to clear the driveway, walkways, and sidewalks each time there is an accumulation of three or more inches of snow.

The subscription provides property owners with the peace of mind that their investment properties remain accessible and well-maintained, even during winter months. The accompanying photo documentation supports the completed work and offers a transparent record of the snow removal efforts.

Maintaining vacant investment properties goes beyond the superficial. It involves a strategic approach to preserve the property's value, integrity, and overall appeal. SGPNOW's exclusive services, including Winterization, Exterior and Interior Inspections, Grass Cut, and Snow Removal Subscription, cater specifically to the unique needs of vacant investment properties. By employing these services, property owners can ensure that their investments remain in top condition, even during periods of vacancy, enhancing their long-term value and marketability.

Ensure winter readiness, maintain curb appeal, and receive timely inspections with SGPNOW. Visit us today to ensure your investment remains in excellent condition, even when it’s vacant.