SGPNOW's Professional Debris Removal and Maid Services for Newly Purchased Properties


Owning rental property is a great method to construct wealth, as reported in the 2023 presentation on The National Association of Realtors. Most importantly, the report outlines that rental property produces passive income, increases in value over time and provides tax benefits. 

SGPNOW offers high-quality debris removal and maid cleaning services for your newly acquired investment property, helping to expedite the necessary maintenance to get it on the market as quickly as possible. Our nationwide network of vendors are well-versed in property maintenance tasks, making SGPNOW a one-stop shop for new rental property owners.

The Challenge

When you have just acquired a new property, it is necessary to clean it and remove debris before it can be marketed to potential renters. 

Different municipalities have different regulations regarding the disposal of large items, hazardous materials, construction debris, and more.  Failure to follows these guidelines can results in tickets, fines, and other consequences.

The Resolution

SGPNOW vendors are fully trained and vetted, with knowledge of local laws and regulations.  They will remove and properly dispose of all debris at the property, providing measurements and photos to support the amount of debris removed correlates with the cost of the service.

Most Common Debris Found in Properties

  • Discarded Personal Items: Whenever tenants move out, they tend to leave discarded personal items, including unwanted furniture, electronics, household waste, food packaging, paper products, plastics, or other disposable/products. Sometimes, there can be personal items, clothing, toys, and all kinds of miscellaneous household things.
  • Natural Debris: Lawns, gardens, and driveways can be littered with natural debris that needs regular cleaning and yard maintenance such as leaves, branches, and grass clippings. 
  • Hazardous Debris: Hazardous debris may require special disposal when it could pose environmental and health threats.  These items may include toxic cleaning chemicals, paints, solvents, batteries, and other potentially hazardous materials. Our team will follow location regulations to properly dispose of these items.

The Solution

SGPNOW is a one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs, which will give you time to focus on other tasks that you need to prioritize to get your new property on the market. Some of our standard rental cleaning solutions are:

  • Debris removal:  Cleaning out a rental property requires a lot of heavy lifting; queue SGPNOW. Junk, old furniture and appliances, and even construction debris are no problem for our experienced crews. Rental property cleanups can present unique challenges, and our teams have the tools and experience to get into tight spots and move various types of debris quickly. 
  • Maid Cleaning Service: Allow SGPNOW to clean your property during active showings and in-between renters. Our in-depth, professional Maid Cleaning Service for rental properties addresses all bathrooms, the kitchen, washes the windows, scrubs the floors, vacuums, wipes down all horizontal surfaces, and more.
  • Flexible Scheduling: At SGPNOW, we have flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs. Choose from a full maid service you can schedule as needed, or subscribe to our monthly service to ensure your property remains in sparkling clean condition. 

SGPNOW: On-Demand, At Your Fingertips

It is an essential step to get your newly purchased property prepared for renters or potential buyers. These tasks can be time-consuming for a busy property investor or property manager. 

SGPNOW is an all-in-one solution to facilitate the rental property preparation process, easing the hassle of property maintenance and inspections with our comprehensive suite of services at your fingertips. 

Property investors and property managers do not need to put the effort in doing all the tasks by themselves. Order your services today and let us handle the cleaning, so you can enjoy the rewards from your investment.