Disposing of Construction Debris: Tips and Techniques

Imagine that you have just completed a renovation of your home, investment property or rental property. Throughout the renovation process, you have accumulated a lot of debris; wood, concrete, tiling, drywall, steel…just to name a few. You may also run into a situation where you have an excessive amount of natural debris on your property, or have hazardous materials you aren’t sure how to dispose of. Below, we’ll discuss tips and techniques for disposing of debris in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Work Smart
If you are using a trash bin, ensure you implement a packing strategy before putting everything into it. If you are disposing of wood, keep in mind that longboards should always be equal to the length of the container. If you want to place hollow, large items such as sinks or bathtubs, place them open side up so you are able to fill them with other debris. Don’t pack heavy or sharp items in trash bags.

As reported by RecycleWorks, the industry average for waste produced at new construction sites is six pounds contained in each square foot. Construction debris is responsible for around one third of all waste in the U.S., which isn’t good for the environment. Most of this waste can be recycled or reused if you plan ahead. Concrete, wood, asphalt, and dirt will most likely constitute the majority of your potential waste and are easily reused or recycled.

Other items such as rigid plastics, porcelain, lumber, tile, metals, masonry, carpet, rock, and insulation should be segregated into specific containers for recycling. Reach out to your local recycling facility to know what items they accept. Good debris removal companies will help you to recycle the debris, while following the appropriate disposal methods and sites.

Hire a professional
Construction debris removal is time-consuming and can prove hazardous, so the smart move here is to hire a professional. Not only will they save your effort and time, but they will also meet all your needs, legally and professionally. Most companies will help to eliminate your construction debris, and also dispose of it in an eco-friendly way.

Contact SGPNow To Assist You
Do you have an on-going or upcoming construction job that will require debris removal and clean-out? Contact us to provide you with debris removal services. If you are unsure about how many cubic yards of debris is required to be removed from your property, a vendor will come to your site to place a bid for debris removal.

We can assist you in removing any construction debris. Whether your site requires construction debris removal several times during a construction project, or only once after its completion, our skilled professionals will remove, haul away, dispose, and recycle the construction debris efficiently.