Empowering Realtors Through Property Maintenance Services


As you deal the upkeep of your inventory of property listings, SGPNOW is here to help you manage your maintenance needs. We specialize in securing, curb appeal, maid service cleaning and more to help realtors keep their active listings in top condition. In this guide, we'll talk about how SGPNOW plays a huge role in helping to maintain, and in some cases enhance, the condition of properties until they are sold.

A Realtors Role in Property Maintenance

Realtors are experts at coordinating the buying and selling of properties. They guide clients through the process of finding a new property to purchase or selling their current one.

Realtors know everything about the real estate market, property values, and how to negotiate good deals. They usually work for either the buyer or the seller and get paid a portion of the money from each successful sale or rental agreement they help to broker.

Property maintenance services empower realtors to keep a property in good condition while it’s on the market. From getting a property ready to list to maintaining its cleanliness during active showings, every step aids in marketing the property to sell. At SGPNOW, we know how a positive first impression translates to quick sale and increased profit, and offer many services to support your property maintenance needs.

Property Maintenance Services by SGPNOW

SGPNOW has services to match your property maintenance needs as a real estate agent. Whether you’re selling a vacant investment property or listing an occupied home, we have services that cover many of your maintenance needs. Our nationwide network of vendors are well-versed in property maintenance with a focus on quality. Our team will make sure each property gets the care and attention it deserves. SGPNOW is the go-to option for on-demand property maintenance, providing an easy and convenient way to order all the services you need.


Our Inspections services let you know exactly how your properties are doing. Whether it's seeing if anyone's living there or checking for damage, our qualified vendors provide accurate assessments. At the completion of your service, you’ll be provided a full report to help you decide if and when maintenance is needed.

Yard Care

Addressing the curb appeal of properties helps to enhance a sale by creating a positive first impression. Our yard care services consist of spring/fall clean-ups, regular mowing, and snow removal to ensure your listings always look their best. You can count on SGPNOW to keep your properties looking their best at any time of the year.


Keeping a property secure is extremely important for protecting its value. We offer on-demand securing services like changing locks, replacing exterior doors and boarding windows or other openings. With our close attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust us to keep your investments safe.

Winter Services

Getting properties ready for winter and reversing that process is crucial. Our winterization services give you peace of mind that plumbing systems are protected from freeze damage. With our careful approach, we ensure properties make it through winter undamaged.

Property Maintenance Services

We make property maintenance easy with our trash removal and cleaning services. Whether it's hauling away junk or giving a spotless clean, our vendors are available throughout the nation to help you get your property ready for the market.

Partnering for Success

Partner with SGPNOW for a successful sales season. We understand that it can be difficult to source all your property maintenance needs; because of this, we’ve brought them all together in one place. With our nationwide coverage and on-demand ordering system, SGPNOW is your one-stop-shop for all property maintenance needs. With SGPNOW by your side, you can deal with the complexities of property care with confidence, knowing you have a reliable partner devoted to your sales success! Visit us today to place your on-demand property maintenance order!