Exterior Property Inspections are Essential before Buying

Buying a new property through an auction or other means can be exciting. However, if purchasing through an auction or directly from a bank, it may not be possible to view the interior of the home before making an offer. In this instance, it is extremely helpful to hire a professional company to complete an exterior property inspection.

In this article, we will discuss why exterior property inspections are essential for buyers.

What Exactly is Done During an Exterior Property Inspection?
A qualified field inspector visits the property, performs an entire walk-around to determine the exterior condition, and informs you of any adverse conditions visible from the outside.
Importance of Exterior Property Inspection
Exterior Property Inspections are important for a number of reasons:

  • The property may need repairing: A professional inspector is trained to look at components of a property that may show damage from the exterior, such as structural issues. They can also look for damage to air conditioning units, water spigots, and gas and water meters. Other items that can be inspected from the interior are siding, roofs, concrete, and possible code violations.
  • Saves time and money: Some of the items listed above can be minor fixes, but others may require extensive, expensive repairs and could impact the amount you are willing to pay for a property. Buying a property without having an exterior property inspection done and later learning that the property has a considerable issue that is costly to fix may leave you with buyer’s remorse.
  • Negotiate with the seller: After having an exterior property inspection you’ll come to know the deficiencies in the property. You will then have to pick and select which are the most essential to negotiate over with the seller. For example, if there are major deficiencies reported by your field inspector, you may be able to use this information to negotiate with the seller to lower the property’s final sale price to cover the cost of fixing it

Hire SGPNOW To Have an Exterior Property Inspection Today

Our qualified field inspector will visit your property, complete a full walk-around to examine the exterior condition, and provide you with a report of any adverse conditions visible from the outside.

Our inspection results consists of:

  • A comprehensive description of the property’s exterior condition
  • Reporting on problems such as unsecured windows or doors, tall grass, exterior damage, and the existence of “For Sale” signs, decks, citations, pools, or AC units
  • Detailed photo documentation
  • We also offer a subscription if you need this to be done on a schedule!

A thorough exterior property inspection done by a professional company could potentially save you thousands of dollars and a ton of inconvenience in the long run. Contact SGPNOW to schedule your exterior property inspection today.