From Inspections to Maintenance: A Comprehensive Look at SGPNOW's Services


At SGPNOW, we provide a variety of services for managing and caring for properties. We offer services from property inspection to debris removal. In our latest blog, we’ll embark on a comprehensive exploration of the services offered by SGPNOW’s nationwide network of vendors.

Property Inspections

SGPNOW offers different types of inspections, each with an important purpose. Choose from occupancy, no contact, exterior or interior inspection options. Inspection results will be provided in PDF form, including photos of the property and information on any damage that may be visible to the inspector. You can expect thorough, accurate, and professional results when partnering with SGPNOW for your inspections needs.

Property Securing

Keeping properties safe and secure is crucial, and we offer services to give property owners peace of mind. We change locks, install lock boxes, replace exterior doors, and board broken windows or other openings. Choose from traditional plywood boarding, polycarbonate clear boarding, or windowpane reglazing.

Yard Maintenance

A well-kept outdoor area creates curb appeal and increases the value of the property. SGPNOW’s yard care services address necessary maintenance throughout different seasons. SGPNOW offers spring and fall clean-ups, weekly, bi-weekly and one-time grass cuts, and seasonal snow removal. These services keep your outdoor spaces well-kept and accessible throughout the year.

Property Maintenance

Effective maintenance preserves a property's value. SGPNOW vendors excel at removing debris and providing cleaning services. We efficiently get rid of unwanted items, and thoroughly clean all interior surfaces and fixtures. Order debris removal when you purchase a new investment or utilize our maid cleaning service to keep properties sparkling during active showings.

Winter Services

Winter brings unique challenges. SGPNOW offers special services to address these needs. We offer both winterization and de-winterization to protect plumbing systems from freeze damage during the winter months. We also provide snow removal to ensure safe access and avoid code violations during the season.

Property Registration

SGPNOW manages the complex process of property registration so you don’t have to. We research local requirements unique to your property location, manage the registration process, and handle de-registration when needed.

Eviction Services

For difficult eviction situations, we provide efficient and lawful services. We coordinate with authorities to provide the crew size required by local law and complete all necessary securing and removal of personals and/or debris.

At SGPNOW, we offer comprehensive property management and maintenance services. We are known for our quality, efficiency, and focus on customer needs. Property owners nationwide trust us to preserve and enhance their valuable assets.

Quality Assurance

Quality is extremely important to us at SGPNOW. It's not just a fancy word - it's a must-have standard we uphold in everything we do. We carefully check and inspect each service to make sure the work is of the highest quality. If a service ever doesn't meet expectations, we will fix it quickly at no extra cost to the customer. Our unwavering focus on quality gives customers confidence that their properties are in capable hands.

Nationwide Coverage

We operate in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam. This wide reach allows us to serve diverse property needs across different regions. Whether it's a beach house in California or a home in Vermont, our network of professionals ensures top-notch care no matter the location.

SGPNOW utilizes the latest technology and best practices of our parent company, Safeguard Properties, to offer efficient and cost-effective property services. Visit us at to order property maintenance services today!