Home Maintenance for Stress-Free Living


Owning property is a significant investment, and like any investment, it requires ongoing care and attention to maintain its value and ensure the safety and well-being of its occupants. To achieve stress-free living and protect your property for you and your tenants, it's essential to establish a year-round property maintenance schedule. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the key components of a maintenance schedule and how services like property sanitization, renovation, maid cleaning, and debris removal from SGPNow can make this process more manageable and efficient.

Why You Need a Year-Round Property Maintenance Schedule

  • Preventative Maintenance: A proactive approach to home maintenance helps you catch and address issues early, preventing them from becoming costly and extensive repairs.
  • Safety: Regular maintenance ensures that your property is a safe environment for all occupants. It can help identify and rectify potential hazards.
  • Property Value: Consistent maintenance helps preserve and potentially increase your property's value over time, which is crucial if you plan to sell in the future.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your property is well-maintained reduces stress and provides peace of mind, allowing your tenants to enjoy their living space without constant worry about hidden problems.

Creating a Year-Round Maintenance Schedule

  1. Cleaning and Property Sanitization

Refresh and rejuvenate your property! In addition to the usual cleaning tasks, consider a thorough property sanitization service, especially if you are in between tenants. SGPNow offers comprehensive sanitization services that include:

  • Deep Cleaning and Disinfection: A qualified contractor will clean and sanitize your property, following national safety guidelines.
  • Photo Documentation: Extensive photo documentation ensures the quality and thoroughness of the service.
  • Comprehensive Results: Detailed reports are generated to document the work completed.

This service is essential not only for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment but also for peace of mind during uncertain times.

  1. Renovation and Property Improvement

Tackle renovation projects or property improvements with our help. SGPNow provides a range of renovation services, managing your project from start to finish. Whether you're planning a complete property overhaul or minor remodeling, these services include:

  • Initial Assessment: SGPNow will send a vendor to obtain bids for your project.
  • Full Management: Qualified vendors handle every aspect of the job, ensuring a seamless renovation process.
  • Free Broker Price Opinion: If you plan to sell after the project is finished, a free Broker Price Opinion order is included.

By addressing property improvements, you can enhance the living space and potentially increase your property's value.

  1. Maid Service Clean

Consider maid service cleaning, a perfect service for active showings or after renters have moved out. SGPNow’s maid service includes:

  • Extensive Cleaning: A qualified contractor will thoroughly clean your property, including wiping surfaces, windows, entryways, and more.
  • Photo Documentation: Comprehensive photo documentation ensures the condition of the property before, during, and after the service.
  • Regular Subscription: For ongoing maintenance, consider a subscription service to have maid cleaning completed on a set schedule.

A tidy and well-maintained home is inviting to potential tenants and can help you to rent or sell quickly and efficiently.

  1. Debris Removal and Cleanup

Debris accumulation can be brought on by a plethora of different situations; natural disasters, construction, and changing seasons.  SGPNow offers debris removal services to keep your property safe and clutter-free:

  • Professional Crew: A crew will report to your property to haul away debris, including large items.
  • Before, During, and After Photos: Receive photo documentation to ensure thorough cleanup.
  • Cubic Yard Measurement: Debris removal is measured in cubic yards (CYD), making it easy to estimate the size of the job.
  • Debris Removal Bid: If you're unsure how much debris needs to be removed, use SGPNow’s Cubic Yard Guide or request a Debris Removal Bid for guidance.

Debris removal service ensures that your property remains safe and attractive.

Addressing these home maintenance services throughout the year is a proactive approach to protecting your investment and ensuring stress-free living. Services offered by SGPNow, including property sanitization, renovation, maid cleaning, and debris removal, can be integrated into your maintenance plan to make the process more efficient and convenient. You can order all our services at any time of the year at your convenience.

Ready to simplify your home maintenance and ensure the safety and well-being of your property? Choose SGPNow for top-notch property services. Don't wait, take action now to schedule your essential property services and experience stress-free living. Visit us at www.sgpnow.com/pages/sgpnow-servie-catalog today to get started!