How Credit Unions Benefit from SGPNOW’s On-Demand Service Catalog


Credit unions play a crucial role in the financial landscape, providing personalized services to their members. While they operate on a smaller scale than many nationwide banks and mortgage lenders, credit unions are still in need of property preservation services One such solution making waves in the industry is SGPNOW's On-Demand Service Catalog, a versatile tool tailored to meet the specific needs of credit unions when it comes to the foreclosure process and mortgage field services. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how credit unions can benefit from SGPNOW's comprehensive suite of services, with a focus on inspections, securing, property maintenance, and yard care.

SGPNOW’s On-Demand Service Catalog for Credit Unions - An Overview

SGPNOW's services bring substantial benefits to credit unions, with the ability to revolutionizing how they address their need for property preservation services. The comprehensive inspection suite offered by SGPNOW empowers credit unions to maintain accurate property records, including occupancy status and property condition.

This level of oversight ensures that credit unions can proactively address occupancy concerns and assess property conditions, mitigating risks and safeguarding their assets. Customizable options such as the number of attempts made and type of inspection required provide flexibility tailored to the unique needs of credit unions, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in property oversight.

On the securing front, SGPNOW's services address critical aspects of property maintenance, reinforcing the security and integrity of credit union assets. Whether it's Window Maintenance, Lock Change, or Exterior Door Replacement, these services provide credit unions with a range of solutions to secure and maintain their properties effectively. 

The transparent photo documentation accompanying these services provides a visual record of completed work. This level of precision and reliability in securing properties in their inventory ensures credit unions receive the highest quality of property preservation services  

Enhancing Accuracy and Oversight with Inspections

Credit unions manage a diverse portfolio of properties and require accurate occupancy records when dealing with defaulted properties. SGPNOW's inspection suite provides a robust solution to the need for these services. 

The Occupancy Verification service enables credit unions to validate property occupancy efficiently, offering flexibility in the number and timing of attempts. Meanwhile, the No Contact Inspection provides a non-intrusive option for exterior assessments, with photo documentation to support the inspection results. 

SGPNOW also offers Exterior and Interior Inspections, allowing credit unions to assess visible damage comprehensively. Additionally, the Insured Loss Repair Inspection service ensures that insurance-claimed repairs are accurately completed, with customizable options for scope and occupant involvement.

Safeguarding Assets with Precision with Securing Services 

Maintaining the security of properties is crucial for credit unions. SGPNOW's securing services offer tailored solutions for various needs. The Window Maintenance service provides options for securing broken windows with plywood boarding, clear boarding for enhanced aesthetics, or cost-effective reglazing. Lock Change services ensure exterior doors are equipped with new locks, and a lockbox can be added for secure access at an additional fee. For properties requiring a complete overhaul, the Exterior Door Replacement service includes the installation of a new door and hardware, with photo documentation to validate the work.

Ensuring Optimal Property Conditions with Property Maintenance Services 

Credit unions understand the importance of preserving their assets throughout the foreclosure process. SGPNOW's Property Maintenance services offer comprehensive solutions. The Debris Removal service simplifies the task of clearing natural disaster, construction, and hazardous debris, with billing based on the cubic yard removed. 

Meanwhile, the Maid Service provides thorough cleaning, covering all surfaces and fixtures, available as a one-time or recurring service. These services include photo documentation, ensuring a transparent record of the work completed.

Maintaining Curb Appeal with Yard Care

Maintaining the curb appeal to avoid violations is a critical aspect of property preservation, and SGPNOW's Yard Care services cater to this need. The Grass Cut service provides a professional touch to lawn maintenance, including edging, weed whacking, and clippings removal. Credit unions can opt for one-time or recurring services, with seasonal or year-round preferences. The Snow Removal Subscription, a seasonal offering, ensures properties remain accessible and violation-free during winter, with photo documentation for each clearing. Additionally, the Fall and Spring Clean-up services address seasonal needs, ensuring a well-maintained exterior.

Enhancing Credit Union Property Management with SGPNOW

SGPNOW's On-Demand Service Catalog proves to be really helpful for credit unions, offering tailored solutions for inspections, securing, property maintenance, and yard care, among other services. The flexibility in service frequency, customizable options, and transparent photo documentation empower credit unions to efficiently manage their diverse property portfolios. 

SGPNOW's services provide a strategic advantage in property oversight and maintenance. By utilizing these services, credit unions can maintain the value of their properties, particularly throughout the default and foreclosure process.

Choose SGPNOW to gain the service and oversight of Safeguard Properties, the nation’s leading property preservation company, without the requirement of a full contract. Visit us today to experience our comprehensive property preservation solutions tailored specifically for credit unions