How SGPNOW's Vendor Network Streamlines Services Across the Nation


SGPNOW provide a full range of property services to meet the needs of owners and stakeholders throughout the United States. A key part of our approach is our carefully chosen network of reliable service providers.

Nationwide Coverage and Reach

SGPNOW is available to work on properties in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam. Our nationwide coverage means we can assist clients no matter where their properties are located - whether it's a home in the suburbs or a condo in the city.

Reliable Vendor Network

SGPNOW thoroughly screens our nationwide network of vendors. All vendors have passed a background check and carry insurance. Our network has been through training protocol with our parent company, Safeguard Properties.

By closely monitoring our providers, we maintain exceptional quality and reliability in the services we deliver. This commitment to excellence sets SGPNOW apart and gives our clients confidence in our work.

Using Smart Technology

Technology plays an important role in how we operate. Our systems help us communicate effectively, schedule efficiently, and manage tasks with our providers.

Integrating the latest technology allows us to provide great service across the country.

Our nationwide reach, reliable provider network, and smart use of technology make SGPNOW the trusted choice for property maintenance services.

Trusted Services for Owners Across the U.S.

At SGPNOW, we offer a wide range of services to meet the different needs of property owners and managers who have a stake in properties across the country. Our full suite of services ensures your properties are well-managed and maintained to the highest standards.

  • Property Inspections: We provide various inspection services, such as providing occupancy status, inspecting the interior and/or exterior, and providing proof of completion of insurance repairs for the release of insurance funds. These inspections help you understand the condition of your properties and address any existing damages.
  • Property Security: Our securing services include changing locks, installing lockboxes, replacing exterior doors, and boarding/securing windows. These services improve the security and safety of your property, protecting it from unauthorized entry and further damage.
  • Yard Care: Our yard care services cover fall and spring clean-ups, grass cuts, and snow removal subscriptions. These services ensure your properties look well-maintained throughout the year, boosting their curb appeal and value.
  • Property Maintenance: We offer maintenance services like debris removal and maid cleaning services. These services keep your property ready for sale or your next tenant.
  • Protecting Properties in Winter: Our winterization and de-winterization services protect your properties from freeze damage due to cold weather. We remove water from the plumbing system, add antifreeze, and reverse the winterization when needed.
  • Handling Property Registration: We assist property owners with registration and de-registration processes. We provide information on requirements and manage the registration on your behalf.
  • Professional Eviction Services: Our eviction services include manpower for changing locks and removing debris, following local laws and regulations. We help you navigate the eviction process efficiently.

With SGPNOW's comprehensive property services, you can focus on your other priorities while knowing your properties are in good hands.

Tailored Solutions for Every Client

We know that every property and client is unique. We customize our services to meet regional, local, and individual needs - whether that's adapting to regulations or accommodating special preferences.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Achieving 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority with every service we provide. We guarantee prompt and effective resolution if any issues arise.

Our professionalism and dedication to our clients' needs are what set us apart.

SGPNOW's strong provider network is key to us delivering reliable, nationwide property services. Clients can count on us to meet their needs with quality, flexibility, and outstanding service. Order your property maintenance services today!