Michigan Foreclosure: Redemption Myth vs. Reality


Myth: According to the MFTF (Michigan Foreclosure Task Force), many homeowners fail to capitalize on the 6-month Redemption Period and instead abandon their properties, while lenders are obliged to wait the full duration before initiating foreclosure proceedings.

Reality: In Michigan, if a property is deserted, the law permits the lender to reduce the Redemption period from 6 months to just 30 days. 

The most reliable method to ascertain the occupancy status is through an Occupancy Inspection with SGPNOW.com. Our skilled field inspectors will conduct a visit to the property, attempt to establish contact with the occupant, and request their identity. We can make up to three attempts on the same day to contact the occupant or visit the property on multiple different days. Once all attempts to establish contact have been completed, we will provide a full report and photos delivered right to your email.

*Please note, additional charges will apply for each additional attempt or expedited results.

Furthermore, the purchaser at the foreclosure sale has the right to inspect the exterior and interior of the homeowner’s property and all ancillary structures after the sale and periodically throughout the redemption period. If an inspection by the purchaser is unreasonably refused by the homeowner or if damage to the property is imminent or has occurred, the purchaser can immediately begin eviction proceedings to seek possession of the property and eliminate the homeowner’s redemption period. (Courtesy of Michigan Legal Help)

SGPNOW.com is equipped to address your Interior Inspection requirements as well. Our adept vendors conduct comprehensive visual walk-through inspections of interiors, pinpointing any visible damages or potential issues that, if left unattended, could result in further damage, subsequent issues, or code violations. You'll receive a detailed report along with accompanying photos, conveniently delivered directly to your email upon completion of the inspection.

For more information or to order inspection services, visit SGPNOW.com.  

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