How Occupancy Verification Plays a Key Role in Real Estate Management


In real estate, keeping tabs on properties is crucial. One essential tool within the property services industry is the Occupancy Verification – an inspection service that works to determine if a property is occupied. 

Let's break down the significance of an Occupancy Verification and see how SGPNOW's service can prove to be helpful.

What's Occupancy Verification?

Occupancy Verification is all about determining if someone lives in a property. Field inspectors, who are like property detectives, visit the property and attempt to make contact to confirm whether or not it's occupied. This helps property managers and landlords ensure they know who is residing at their properties.

Why is it Important?

Knowing if a property is occupied is a big deal for security. It helps property managers spot any issues quickly—like if someone's living there who shouldn't be. This helps to keep the property safe from unauthorized access or any mischief.

Stopping Problems Before They Start

Empty properties can face problems like theft or damage. Regular occupancy verification inspections report any changes at the property, like if it appears to have become vacant or if there are new occupants that haven’t been communicated to the manager or owner. If any damage is found, the inspectors take pictures and report it. This helps property managers to address damages or situations before they become major issues.

Making Lease Management Easy

For managers handling rental properties, knowing if someone is living there as agreed is super important. Occupancy Verification helps confirm that tenants are who they should be and are following the rules in the lease agreement.

Keeping Properties in Top Shape

Occupancy Verification is not just about checking if someone is living there. It's also a chance to see if the property needs any repairs. Inspectors take detailed photos, helping property managers catch and fix problems early, helping to keep a property in top condition.

Introducing SGPNOW's Service

SGPNOW has an awesome Occupancy Verification service just for you. Our qualified inspectors visit the property and try to talk to the occupant to get their name. They also inspect and take pictures of the exterior of the property. You can even subscribe to have these inspections completed at scheduled intervals, providing peace of mind to owners and managers.

Here's what you get:

  • The occupant's name (if they share it).
  • A report on how the property looks from the exterior.
  • Detailed photo documentation.

If you would like an inspector to make multiple attempts to contact the occupant of the property, you can request this upon ordering your service.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, being in the know is crucial. Occupancy Verification allows you to gain valuable information about the occupants of your property. SGPNOW's service is your go-to for reliable and quick occupancy information. With inspectors all over the country, we're here to help verify occupants and report on the condition of the property. Check out our subscription service for ongoing peace of mind and efficient property management.

Hire SGPNOW for reliable Occupancy Verification. Our qualified inspectors are ready to safeguard your assets and provide valuable insights. Visit our website request your Occupancy Verification to ensure the safety and vitality of your properties today!