Property Inspection Tips for Investors

When you buy an investment property, generally you see all great things. But in some cases, it is just the front face. The reality can be completely different. It is not what you see, you get what you can't see. 

There may be freshly painted rooms, the addition of granite countertops, and other superficial extensions. But what you, as a buyer, can miss are the cracks in the foundation, age-old plumbing, unchecked wirings that can be dangerous, appliances that are broken, and other hidden issues. You would be able to identify all these unseen defects by hiring a property inspector. 

What is a property inspection?

A property inspector walks through the home and checks all the major components, the interiors, exteriors, present condition, things that require immediate attention, any kind of property maintenance that is due, and everything related to the property.

A thorough report is prepared with corresponding photo documentation to have all the minute details about the property condition. Based on that report you can get the repairs done by the seller or maybe add it to your expenses before deciding to purchase the investment property. 

Importance of property inspection

You as a buyer have this only chance to identify any flaws in the property, its foundation, interiors, exteriors and ensure to get it fixed before purchasing it. Doing all this alone is stressful and thus hiring someone to complete the property inspection services is advisable. This is your only chance to thoroughly examine the property inside out. A proper inspection checklist comes in handy.

Property Inspection Tips for Buyers

Check out the tips to be followed while performing a property inspection. Keep in mind the below things.

  • Building Foundation
  • The Roof of the Property
  • The Space at the Attic
  • The Downspouts and the Rain Gutters 
  • The complete Exterior Paint
  • Power Outlets, Switches for Lights, The full Electrical panel
  • The home HVAC system 
  • All the plumbing and bathroom/kitchen water fixtures
  • All Appliances
  • Floorings, Ceilings, and Walls
  • All the Windows and Doors
  • The Stairway if any, the Railing of the Stairway, and the Steps 
  • Balconies and Porches
  • The Driveways, Corridors, Walkways
  • The Basement area
  • The Garage area

It takes a few hours for the entire inspection to be completed, so being a buyer it would be great if you could be present all through. 

Contact SGPNow for property inspection services

Using our proprietary mobile application that is geo-coded and covers the entire nation, we can provide property inspection services all across the 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

After a property inspection is completed, we present you with a detailed inspection report that includes photo documentation to give a complete overview of the property. We also take on-demand property services.

You can contact us for more information and to book appointments as well.