Streamlining Property Security with Give Access and Property Secure


Give Access and Property Secure - SGPNOW's services work in harmony to provide a seamless, comprehensive solution for enhancing property security by offering controlled visitor access and reinforcing key security measures such as lock changes, window and door board-ups, and damage identification, all of which contribute to peace of mind in safeguarding your valuable property.

In today's rapidly changing world, ensuring the security of your property has become more critical than ever. Whether it's safeguarding a home, office, or any valuable asset, having comprehensive security measures in place is paramount. That's where SGPNOW's suite of services, Give Access and Property Secure, come into play. These two services, when used together, provide a robust security solution that ensures your property remains protected, whether you're there or not.

Give Access

SGPNOW's Give Access service offers property owners peace of mind by providing supervised visitor access. A qualified professional within our nationwide vendor network will report to your property to ensure that any approved visitors are provided access to the property while being closely supervised throughout their visit. Additionally, they will take all necessary measures to ensure the location is secure upon the visitor's departure.

The core features of Give Access include:

  • Supervised Visitor Access: Our trained professionals ensure that only approved visitors gain entry to your property.
  • Property Supervision: We provide up to 4 hours of property supervision, ensuring that visitors are closely monitored during their stay.
  • Secure Departure: Once the visitor's business is concluded, we take steps to secure the property to maintain its safety.

Our Give Access service effectively addresses the need for controlled property access, especially when you can't be present to manage it yourself. It's the first line of defense in property protection.

Property Secure

Complementing the Give Access service, SGPNOW's Property Secure service is designed to strengthen your property's security further. A qualified contractor from our extensive vendor network will visit your property, performing various services aimed at enhancing the security and protection of your valuable asset.

The Property Secure service includes the following essential security measures:

  • Lock Change: We will change the locks on up to two doors to ensure that unauthorized access is prevented.
  • Lock Box Installation: We provide and install a secure lock box for authorized personnel, enhancing the security of your property.
  • Window and Door Board-Ups: We offer board-ups for up to two ground-level windows or doors, making it significantly harder for potential intruders to gain access.
  • Damage Identification: Our contractors will identify any damages to your property and provide you with detailed bids for necessary repairs or improvements.

This comprehensive service ensures that your property remains secure from both external and internal threats. By addressing vulnerabilities such as outdated locks, open windows, or damaged entry points, Property Secure strengthens the overall security of your property.

The Synergy of Give Access and Property Secure

Now, let's explore how these two services can be used together to streamline property security effectively:

  • Controlled Access: With Give Access, you have the ability to grant specific individuals access to your property while ensuring they are supervised during their stay. This controlled access minimizes the risk of unauthorized entry.
  • Enhanced Protection: Property Secure further fortifies your property's security by addressing potential weak points. Changing locks, securing windows, and identifying damages all contribute to a safer environment.
  • Peace of Mind: Whether it's a vacation home, rental property, or investment property, the combination of Give Access and Property Secure allows you to enjoy peace of mind, knowing your property is well-protected, even when you're not there.

When it comes to property security, a proactive approach is key. SGPNOW's Give Access and Property Secure services offer a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that allows you to maintain control and peace of mind over your valuable assets. 

Whether it's supervising visitors or fortifying your property's defenses, SGPNOW has you covered. Don't wait until it's too late—invest in the security of your property today. To learn more about our services or to place your on-demand order, please visit