Questions to Ask Before Hiring Debris Removal Company

If you are considering hiring a debris removal company, there are a few questions that you need to ask before making your choice. Never stick with one company; always get quotes from at least three different companies to compare them all.

Choose the one that best suits your budget, offers quick service, works within the designated laws, and is experienced. 

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Debris Removal Company

We have listed down a few questions which you can ask the debris removal company before hiring.

1. What type of debris removal services do you offer?

Debris is of different types, and some companies specialize in a few while some companies cater to all kinds of debris. There is household debris, disaster debris, construction debris, toxic and hazardous debris as well. You need to ask them regarding the type of debris you want them to dispose of and check if they follow all the precautions in toxic or hazardous debris.

2. What is the pricing structure of the company?

The pricing packages of the debris removal company vary based on several factors. So, before you hire a debris removal company, make sure they provide an onsite estimate to you with no hidden charges. The quotation they provide must have dumping fees, labor fees, and taxes too. Nothing should be missed and later claimed.

3. Do you recycle?

Being a responsible citizen, you need to ask if they take the debris to recycling units or just transfer them to landfills. It is your responsibility to ensure that the debris you generated is adequately taken care of without harming the environment.

4. Do you have insurance?

It is necessary to hire a company that is entirely insured and certified. Certified companies will make sure that their reputation is clean and good. When a company is licensed, if anything goes wrong with the workers while loading debris in your property, you won't be held responsible.

5. How quickly can you do the job?

Check for the job time before hiring the company. Hire a company that can swiftly remove the debris and dispose of it. In case of emergency, make sure that the company you hire provides quick services.

Along with the questions mentioned above, make sure to check for the debris removal company's reviews online. Ask the right questions and get a better understanding of the company to have a hassle-free experience. SGPNow will provide you with the best debris removal service. Contact us now to learn more about our services.