The Role of an Eviction Service Provider: Assisting Landlords Through the Process


Evicting a tenant is a complex and often emotionally charged process. Landlords, property managers, and property owners frequently face numerous challenges when dealing with evictions. While legal aspects of eviction may be well-known, the logistics of physically executing an eviction are equally crucial. 

This blog explores the role of SGPNOW as an eviction service provider, assisting landlords through the eviction process. While SGPNOW does not offer legal advice or expertise in evictions, our services assist landlords and property owners by providing the crew/manpower necessary to carry out the eviction.

Understanding the Eviction Service

SGPNOW offers eviction services, providing a crucial link between landlords, law enforcement, and the tenants in question. Here's an in-depth look at how this service operates:

Eviction Quote and Fee Structure:

  • Pricing varies based on state requirements and the specific needs of the eviction.
  • Landlords are charged for the crew size required by law, labor hours, and any additional requirements upfront.

Document Verification:

  • SGPNOW emphasizes the importance of adhering to all legal requirements for eviction.
  • The landlord must provide SGPNOW with the legal documents that confirm the eviction's approval.
  • These documents are vital for ensuring that the eviction proceeds smoothly and within the boundaries of the law.

Professional Coordination:

  • Once the eviction quote is accepted, a qualified eviction crew is assigned to the case.
  • This crew will coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure that the eviction is carried out in compliance with state and local requirements.
  • The eviction process is followed in a manner that strictly adheres to state, county, and city regulations.

Comprehensive Services:

  • The services provided by SGPNOW extend beyond the mere removal of tenants.
  • SGPNOW offers the removal of debris, storage of personal property, and even re-keying the property to ensure its security.
  • Additional services are available as add-ons, allowing landlords to tailor their eviction process as needed.

Transparent and Flexible Pricing:

  • SGPNOW bases its pricing on the average cost of eviction in each state.
  • However, sometimes costs may exceed the average due to factors such as the amount of debris or storage expenses.
  • In such cases, SGPNOW will reach out to the landlord for additional approval and invoice adjustments, ensuring full transparency in billing.

Role of SGPNOW in the Eviction Process

SGPNOW serves as a vital intermediary that ensures the logistical aspects of an eviction run smoothly. While legal processes should be handled by attorneys or legal experts, eviction service providers like SGPNOW specialize in managing the physical aspects of tenant removal.

Mitigating Legal Risks:

  • By following strict legal guidelines and requiring landlords to provide necessary documentation, SGPNOW helps landlords mitigate potential legal risks associated with evictions.

Professional Coordination:

  • SGPNOW's professional eviction crews coordinate with law enforcement agencies and local authorities to carry out the eviction.
  • Our expertise ensures the eviction is executed within the framework of state and local laws.

Handling Logistics:

  • SGPNOW takes care of various logistical aspects, including debris removal, storage of personal property, and securing the property after eviction.
  • This relieves landlords of these challenging tasks and ensures a hassle-free eviction process.

SGPNOW plays a crucial role in assisting landlords through the eviction process. While we do not provide legal advice, our services are vital for ensuring a smooth and lawful eviction. Landlords and property owners can rely on SGPNOW to handle the practical aspects of eviction, from document verification to professional coordination, with transparency and efficiency.

For landlords navigating the challenging terrain of eviction, partnering with a trusted eviction service provider like SGPNOW can be a valuable resource. Visit to learn more or place your on-demand order.