SGPNOW Property Security: Which Window Boarding Option Works for You?


Ensuring the safety and security of your property is a top priority, and broken or damaged windows can be a significant vulnerability. SGPNOW provides a comprehensive solution with its window boarding services, offering plywood, clear boarding, and reglazing options. 

In this blog, we'll explore how these services play a crucial role in ensuring property safety, preventing further damage, and providing cost-effective alternatives to full window replacements.

Window Boarding with Plywood: Bolt Boarding Method

First, let’s look at how window boarding with plywood ensures property safety.

Cost-Effective Protection:

The plywood boarding service by SGPNOW offers a cost-effective solution to secure your property promptly.  A qualified vendor from SGPNOW's nationwide network will use the bolt boarding method to secure any broken window or opening, preventing additional damage.


The bolt boarding method ensures a secure and durable boarding process. The qualified vendor will report to your property, board the broken window with plywood, and provide thorough photo documentation of both the exterior and interior conditions.  This method allows for any openings to be securely boarded without causing any additional damage to window frames.

Preventing Further Damage:

Immediate boarding of broken windows is crucial to preventing further damage to the property. The plywood window boarding service acts as a protective barrier, securing the premises and deterring potential intruders, vandals, or adverse weather conditions.

Window Reglazing: Cost-Saving Alternative to Window Replacement

Economical Solution:

SGPNOW’s window reglazing servicing offers a cost-saving alternative to full window replacements. A qualified vendor from our nationwide network will reglaze any broken window pane, providing a seamless and economical solution.

Service Inclusions:

Similar to plywood window boarding, our window reglazing service includes photo documentation of the property's exterior and interior conditions, along with detailed documentation of the reglazing work completed.

Clear Boarding: Enhanced Security with Curb Appeal

Innovative Security:

SGPNOW's clear boarding service provides an innovative approach to property security without compromising curb appeal. This service uses a clear polycarbonate sheet instead of traditional plywood, allowing natural light into the property while maintaining a secure environment.

Service Highlights:

The service includes photo documentation of the property's exterior and interior conditions, ensuring a transparent and thorough record of the work completed.

SGPNOW's window boarding services go beyond traditional methods, offering plywood, reglazing, and clear boarding options to cater to diverse needs. These services ensure property safety, prevent further damage, and provide cost-effective alternatives to window replacements. 

Whether you opt for the robust protection of plywood, the economical solution of window reglazing, or the innovative security of clear boarding, SGPNOW's nationwide network of qualified vendors guarantees a swift and thorough resolution to broken or damaged windows. Invest in the safety of your property with SGPNOW's window boarding services – where security meets efficiency.