Unveiling the Necessity of Contact Occupancy Inspections

Whether it's a vacant property or an inhabited residence, there are circumstances when ordering a contact occupancy inspection becomes necessary to determine the identity of an occupant. In this blog, we'll explore some of these scenarios and shed light on the importance of such inspections.

1. Tenancy Verification

One of the primary reasons to order a contact occupancy inspection is to verify the occupancy status of a property. In cases where a property owner suspects unauthorized occupancy, an inspection can be the key to confirming whether the individual residing there is the lawful tenant or not. This process ensures that the property is not being unlawfully occupied, protecting the rights of both property owners and legitimate tenants.

2. Rental Agreement Violations

Rental agreements often specify whether or not pets are allowed or requirements for the upkeep of a property. When there are suspicions or reports of potential violations, a contact occupancy inspection can be essential to determine if these violations exist.  The landlord or manager can use the results of the inspection to contact the tenant to discuss any issues that may be in violation of the lease terms.

3. Tenant's Disappearance

Sometimes, landlords may lose contact with their tenants, leading to concerns about the property's status and condition. In such cases, ordering an occupancy inspection can help ascertain whether the tenant has abandoned the property or if someone else has taken residence without authorization.

4. Eviction Follow Up

In cases where an eviction order has been issued but the tenant refuses to leave, an occupancy inspection can help determine whether the tenant has complied with the eviction or if further legal actions are necessary.

5. Squatter Detection

Squatters are individuals who unlawfully occupy vacant or abandoned properties. Identifying these squatters through occupancy inspections can help property owners take appropriate legal action to regain possession of their property.

Contact occupancy inspections play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and safety of properties while safeguarding the rights of owners and tenants alike.  These inspections help unveil the identity of occupants in various situations. However, it is essential to conduct these inspections lawfully, respecting tenants' rights and adhering to local regulations. As property management practices continue to evolve, the significance of contact occupancy inspections remains undeniable in the quest for a well-functioning and secure property rental market.  SGPNow utilizes a nationwide network of inspection professionals available on-demand to visit your property and attempt to make contact with the occupant(s) to confirm their name. Visit www.sgpnow.com/products/contact-inspection to order your contact occupancy inspection today.