Tips for Partnering With Homeowner's Associations

As a business that provides property services, SGPNow understands the need for good customer service and quality work to encourage repeat customers. To meet those potential clients, often businesses consider joining an organization that caters to the industry they are targeting. For property maintenance service providers, one of the best options for gaining repeat clients is to join a homeowner’s association.

What Is an HOA?

An homeowner's association (HOA) is a union in a condominium building, planned community, or subdivision tasked with making and enforcing rules on both the properties and its residents. People who purchased a property in an HOA jurisdiction become members automatically and start paying dues called HOA fees. Some HOAs can be quite restrictive concerning how members handle their properties.

omeowner's Associations

Importance of HOAs?

The presence of a functional HOA can increase the neighborhood's home values. Most established HOA rules are designed to protect each property's value. Also, HOA rules and regulations ensure homeowners curb certain behaviors and prevent people who cannot obey rules from moving to HOA jurisdiction, thereby maintaining the community's quality. Furthermore, most HOAs provide the community with various amenities like golf courses, tennis courts, pools, and protective gates.

The HOA fees are sometimes used for ground maintenance to help maintain the entire neighborhood’s appearance. As such, the community develops a neighborhood-oriented atmosphere.

Homeowner's Associations

5 Tips for Partnering Homeowner's Associations

●      Learn the HOA Rules

Perhaps what every HOA have in common are their adherence to specific rules and regulations. Their resident members must ensure they keep their homes up to standard. The rules are defined in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions documentation (CC&Rs). People looking to partner with HOAs such as plumbers, painters, landscaping services, or property inspection service providers should ensure they get familiarized with the HOA rules to ensure they render services compliant with their local standards.

●      Offer Consultation Services

Whether you’re offering on-demand services like on property inspection or maintenance services, ensure you make your business and expertise available to the HOA board members. Since HOAs consist of homeowners, offering them professional advice as a consultant in your field of expertise can be very helpful.

●      Be Mindful of a Policy Change

Although you have familiarized yourself with the CC&R, ensure you keep up with any policy changes by regularly attending HOA meetings or maintaining contact with any of the members. This act will promote you as someone who genuinely cares about upholding their policies.

●     Provide HOA Members Discounts

People offering different property services like, known for their property inspection services and home maintenance services, can contact HOA members to offer discounts on services they render. For example, you can waive some fees from the services provided.

●      Familiarize Yourself with Members of the Community

Be friendly, coach your staff to remember faces and names, and start greeting people by name when you run into them. Remember to be courteous and often smile when you see homeowners at the HOA office. Attend community events and socialize to build more relationships.

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