What are the Benefits of Using a Debris Removal Service?

When purchasing a new investment property, there often is debris left behind by the previous owners. This is especially true for properties in foreclosure that  have been vacant for significant amounts of time and are susceptible to damage form squatters, vandalism, or neglect.

Hazardous debris such as aerosols, paint or cleaning products make clean up even more difficult. And items like rotting food or trash can lead to rodent or pest infestations. Removing the debris in a timely manner is imperative to keeping the property safe and well-maintained ready for your next inhabitants. 

What is Debris Removal?

Removing debris needs to be completed in a stipulated time frame. The accumulated debris can be harmful as it can damage the entire property. Thus debris removal is a must. In some cases, debris cannot be removed by everyone as fundamental tools are needed to fulfill the work. Property preservation companies can get the task done in a timely manner because they have specified teams for this.

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What are the Types of Debris Removal?

Based on the various kinds of debris, the removal process can differ. Check out the below debris accumulation and removals.


All kinds of materials used during the construction of the property add to the construction and demolition debris. Materials like the broken roof, drywall, wooden flooring, carpeting, renovation debris, tiles, and lumber, just to name a few. A dumpster and huge lifting equipment are needed to clear out the construction debris.

Yard Waste

Yard waste comprises all kinds of leaves, twigs, tree limbs, excess manure, unwanted small grass, flower dump, grass clippings, bush trimmings, and tree limbs which is all organic waste. Since this waste is a useful waste it must be collected and utilized in the right way. As organic waste produces great compost, it needs to be carried out to those composting industries. This job is best done by debris removal companies. 

Hazardous Waste

The most important job role of a debris removal company is to dispose of hazardous waste. There are generally wires, electric switches, lead in paint, asbestos tiling, and many other risky, leaky, and combustible items found while cleaning or renewing any foreclosed property. There is a way to dispose of this hazardous waste that a normal person is incapable of doing. Thus it is best that the debris removal company take the responsibility.

How much does it cost to remove debris?


Based on the type and the size of the debris, dumpsters, gas generators, electric reciprocating saws, circular saws, dustpans, brooms, shovels, chemicals, sled hammers, etc. are used. Some of these items must be rented or purchased, and there is an additional cost involved in hauling the debris and dropping it at an authorized dumping location or landfill, recycling center, etc. 

Generally, the debris removal cost ranges between $60 - $650 based on the type of debris and amount being removed and dumped. SGPNow charges $50 per cubic yard for debris removal.

Why you should hire a debris removal service?

The essential tools and required knowledge to remove various kinds of debris make it important that you hire a company that has experience in doing the work. Most importantly in the case of a foreclosed property, those removing debris must be able to determine the difference between debris and personal property. Personal property must be handled in a specific way. It must be stored for a specific amount of time so the previous homeowners have an opportunity to retrieve their belongings.

Lack of debris removal knowledge and inexperienced handling of debris can cause injury or exposure to toxic materials if not handled properly. Thus it becomes necessary to hire debris removal service companies. 

Debris removal services offered by SGPNow

SGPNow has been in the debris removal services for a long time with expertise in property preservation, natural disaster, construction, and hazardous debris removal. You can contact us for any kind of removal services or property inspection if you are unaware of the type of debris to be removed. We will get the job done for you.