What Are the Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Pre-listing inspections, one of the services offered by SGPNow.com to property owners, is what every seller needs to consider before putting their house for sale. It’s advisable sellers have this inspection completed since it gives them the power to stay ahead of any issues that may deter potential buyers.

When the seller allows the buyer to conduct a listing inspection, the negotiation scale tilts towards the buyer's direction regarding how much should be paid for any required repairs. Here are some of the benefits of hiring SGPNow.com to conduct your pre-listing inspection.

What Is the Pre-Listing Inspection?

A pre-listing inspection furnishes sellers with information concerning the condition of the property they're considering renting or buying. This information offers them a higher degree of control over repairs, strengthening their negotiating position.

Benefits of pre-listing inspection

What Are the Benefits of the Pre-Listing Inspection?

A pre-listing inspection offered by SGPNow.com has lots of benefits for the property seller. Some of them include:

  • Prevents Sale/Rental Delay

A pre-listing inspection can help your agency to set your home at the right price, significantly reducing the number of days on the market. Additionally, it might result in a higher price point for your property.

  • Understand Your Home’s Condition

A pre-listing inspection helps you learn your home's condition before it's listed on the market, which enables you to know what might impact the property's sale.

  • Opportunity to Make Repairs

Another benefit of hiring SGPNow.com for your pre-listing inspection is that it gives you room to make necessary repairs that might have scared away potential buyers. These new repairs will help you attract more serious buyers.

  • Stress-Free Negotiation

Property Inspection always result in negotiations. A pre-listing inspection reduces the chance of that occurrence, decreasing the stress an average homeowner experience when selling their property.

How Pre-Listing Inspection Is Done?

A pre-listing inspection done by a certified professional home maintenance and inspection service like SGPNow.com involves a thorough examination of your home to detect any damage which might affect the property's sale. The home inspector will be responsible for detecting any hidden damage or areas of the building needing repair, including plumbing issues or leaks.

Why the Pre-Listing Inspection Is Done?

Home sellers conduct a pre-listing inspection for several reasons. One such reason is to detect any damage in the house before its sale. With a pre-listing assessment, the property owner finds out the exact house condition before putting it up in the market. This act helps to prevent any surprises when the buyer hires a property inspection service to perform a home inspection.

Why SGPNow.com?

If you’re thinking of selling your house, contact SGPNow.com for a pre-listing inspection on your home to increase its sale speed. Our professional inspectors are always available and possess the right tools and experience to deliver quality service. We also offer on demand services like property maintenance and inspections to property owners desiring quality results without a contract commitment.