What is Skip Tracing and how does it Work?


When attempting to contact the owner of a property to discuss a possible sales agreement, the first thing you can do is attempt to find their information.  However, when an internet search doesn’t reveal the information you’re looking for, and the owner seems to have effectively disappeared, what steps can you take to find them?

Through analysis and data collection, professionals have a technique to find who they are searching for using a method known as “skip tracing”; “skip” refers to a person who has knowingly disappeared, while “trace” refers to the act of tracking down their location and contact information.

Having access to an efficient skip tracing service can help you determine the owner of a property, as well as the property equity, liens, bankruptcy, and contact information.


What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a professional service used to trace a person who seems impossible to find.  Skip tracers gather all available information and use it to locate a business or an individual.  There are numerous circumstances in which a skip trace search can be necessary. Typically, skip tracing is used by financial professionals, real estate workers, private investors, and unclaimed money and debt collection agencies. 

Skip tracing enables these professionals to identify hard-to-find people, attain payment for unpaid debts, many times in situations of contract avoidance, and can help to prevent scams and fraud.

Efficient skip tracing begins with a detailed data set. These offer access to sensitive information by lawful and ethical means, helping skip tracers find hard-to-trace or seemingly missing businesses or individuals.


How does skip tracing work?

In most instances, the skip tracing process uses public yet sometimes hard to find information. Skip tracers collect, confirm, and use data to determine the movements of a particular individual to reveal their current whereabouts.  A skip tracer may depend on readily available past data about a person, like their workplace, address, or contact details, in order to identify patterns and track changes.


Is skip tracing legal?

Skip tracing is a required component of numerous business activities, especially in the real estate, financial, private investigation, and debt collection industries.

Skip tracing is ethical and legal in the United States.  Skip tracers should know and understand proper privacy rules and regulations. Using a verified skip tracing service can help you ensure that you are acquiring quality information from legal, ethical, and reliable sources.


Why is it so essential to use an effective Skip Tracing service?

Skip tracing can be expensive and time-consuming, so a targeted and efficient strategy employed by a knowledgeable skip tracing service is essential to successfully locate the individual you are looking for.  Tracking down businesses and individuals isn’t easy, but using an effective skip tracing service makes it simple to get fast, precise results


Why choose SGPNow’s skip tracing services?

SGPNOW uses multiple resources to retrieve the owner details for the property address you provide. The outcome includes the property owner name(s), liens, property equity, known phone numbers, bankruptcy, addresses, email addresses, and last known property possession.  Visit us at www.sgpnow.com/products/skip-tracing to learn more about this service today.