What To Expect From a Maid Refresh Service

Real estate investors and landlords can begin the basic cleaning of the interior of a property once tenants have vacated and all debris is removed. For those properties seized by the banks due to foreclosure, this is done in the real-estate owned (REO) stage and is called a maid refresh. This maid clean service is completed by a professional company on a regular schedule as determined by the interested party.


What to expect from a maid refresh service

The tasks that the company would perform in the maid refresh services are many. This generally involves all the surfaces, walls, and floor cleaning. A basic internal cleaning would include:

  • Sweeping the floor, vacuuming, and the thorough mopping of the floors 
  • Wiping off the countertops, all the surfaces, the bathrooms counters sinks, and the toilets

What services are included in maid refresh service?

Every time the maid refresh service is done, the following tasks are completed under the property maintenance services:

  • Dusting

Dust is something that is accumulated on everything in any property irrespective of it being close or open. With dust all around it brings lots of allergies triggering allergic responses. Dusting is essential from a health point of view. Hiring cleaning services is a great solution. They world dust the entire surface of the property, the dusting of the wall trims ceiling fans, all the walls, etc. 

  • Vacuuming and Mopping the Floors

Vacuuming floors and mopping the floors is the second thing that is to be done in the maid cleaning service. The floors need to be vacuumed and mopped. If the flooring is hard it would need a sweeping first before vacuuming and mopping. When hard surfaces are to be mopped they really take a lot of time and an expert hand as well. Since there are chances that the moping would require scrubbing with hands as well. 

  • Cleaning the Plumbing Fixtures

The bathroom cleaning is yet another thing where maid cleaning service comes in handy. Wiping the bathroom surfaces, cleaning the mirrors, and all the pipes and plumbing fixtures. Every time the cleaning company performs the services they would perform all these tasks. Bathroom cleaning will include cleaning of

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Showers

They ensure that space is entirely germ-free and spotless. Scrubbing of the bathroom floors will also be done by the cleaning company including the light switches too. 

We at SGPNow provide first-class maid refresh services to put away all the unwanted clutter on the property. Images before the cleaning, during the cleaning, and after cleaning would be taken as documentation. The precise tasks performed by SGPNow under maid cleaning services are:

  • Wipe All Horizontal Surfaces
  • Wipe Doorknobs/ Light Switches
  • Wipe Windows and Windowsills
  • Wipe Entryways/ Lockboxes
  • Wipe Faucets/ Plumbing Fixtures
  • Clean Railings/ Handrails
  • Flush All Toilets/P-Traps
  • Clean Inside and Out of Appliances
  • Mop and Vacuum All Floors