Why a Home Inspection is Important Before Moving to a New Property?

What is a Home Inspection?

The process of assessing the physical conditions of a property or an apartment is known as a home or property inspection. It can identify any actual or potential home issues that may need repairs.

The process involves hiring a home inspector to perform a visual inspection and prepare a property condition report that details the property's condition. It's essential to carry out a home inspection before a purchase or lease.

What is a Home Inspection Checklist?

Before embarking on inspection, it's best to prepare by making a home inspection checklist to cross reference with the inspection company hired. This list should contain all areas of the apartment that you need to examine. It typically covers the following key areas:

  • Structural: Include wall cracks, leaky roofs, ceiling cracks, foundation, door frames, hinges, and windows inspection.
  • Grounds: Check the floor for cracks, and hollowness on plaster, inspect the yard, driveway, walkway, drainage, landscape, and other ground areas.
  • Utilities: Confirm that the plumbing works, double-check all electrical wirings and fittings, and inspect the HVAC system.
  • Appliances: Inspection should also cover the kitchen, living room, and bedroom appliances that come with the apartment.

What is the Importance of a Home Inspection?

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Imagine spending a significant amount of money on a home and discovering costly issues after you have already closed. That'll mean spending extra money on repairs which might not come cheap. Therefore, it's best to avoid the trouble and pay an affordable fee for a home inspection.

Inspecting a home also helps investment decisions. It'll help you weigh the cost of repairs (if there are any) and the home's cost against your budget. It can also help you negotiate the total cost of renting the apartment. You can either request for repairs or a price reduction from the landlord

What is Covered in a Home Inspection?

A residential inspection provides photo documentation of the state of the property. For instance, how the water pressure of the plumbing or the thermostat of the heating system works. However, it doesn't offer an in-depth evaluation. Some aspects of a home that a standard inspection won't cover includes:

  • Behind the walls: While an inspection can check electric fittings, they won't drill holes into the wall to inspect the state of the wires inside.
  • Geological Issues: An inspector can examine the foundation for cracks but can't evaluate the ground beneath. If you feel you need to check for sinkholes, you'll need to hire a geological expert.
  • Hazardous Substances: Inspection doesn't reveal toxins or contaminants such as asbestos, radon, methane, or other pollutants.
  • Septic System: Visual examination can't detect certain conditions inside a sewer tank. You'll have to get an expert to handle such an inspection.

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