Why Is It Important to Perform Property Inspection Before Renting a House?

Before renting a property, it’s essential to perform a home inspection. This ensures that both the interest of the landlord and tenants are protected. This may seem like a tedious task for landlords, but failure to do so will leave them with no legal backup should anything be damaged in the property by the tenants living there.

If you’re a landlord or you’re thinking of renting a new apartment, ensure you read to the end to discover why you need to perform a property inspection before renting a unit or a house.

What Is a Rental Property Inspection?

A rental property inspection is a process of tracking the condition of a property. It usually involves the property owner and the property manager periodically reviewing the property thoroughly to assess its condition.

Why Is It Important?

Rental inspection is as important to the tenant as it is to the landlord. Tenants who engaged in property inspection cannot be held liable for any damage in the house before they moved in. Failure to perform rental property inspection before parking in will leave them at the mercy of the landlord's version of the property's state.

When You Should Perform One?

Property inspection companies should be engaged to inspect before the tenant moves in. Doing this will ensure that both the landlord and the tenant ascertain the house's damages, so the landlord won't hold the tenant accountable in the future.

Landlords can also opt for a midterm inspection service and conduct an inspection halfway through a lease agreement period, to ensure that the house is in the same state as when the tenant moved in. This allows the landlord to intervene if anything has been damaged or broken. It also allows the landlord to monitor his tenant's usage of his assets. More so, it will enable the tenant to bring up anything that might need to be fixed or repaired by the landlord. During the midterm inspection, both parties should record and document any form of damages in the house or any repairs to be made.

Lastly is at the expiration of the lease agreement. This ensures the tenant returns the property in an acceptable condition the same way it was before they took it, excluding the normal wear and tear accompanied by usage as contained in the lease agreement. If there's any damage, the tenant rectifies it before packing out, or the landlord will deduct the repair money from the tenant's deposit. It's important both parties are present for all the inspections.


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