Why Property De-Winterization is Important

Vacant houses are prone to damage in areas where there are extended periods of freezing temperatures. To ensure a vacant property is protected, a winterization is performed on the plumbing and heating systems, when applicable. It protects the owner's investment so it can be sold, rented or otherwise inhabited without potential issues the winter weather may cause. Thus, a winterization of a vacant property is important.

What is a winterization and how is it done?

It requires a few days to perform a winterization on vacant properties. Initially, the meter is turned off, shutting down the water supply to the property. The entire water is drained off. Next using an air compressor all the water supply lines and also the drain lines are completely dried up. Next, an antifreeze non-toxic solution is poured into the pipes and filled.

Generally, a winterization is carried out by professional property maintenance services. So these companies go to the next level by cutting supply to all the equipment like the washing machine, dishwasher, and hot water heaters. 

De-winterization of the property

Now to de-winterize the property, it is always advisable to contact the company that performed winterization on the property in the first place. The company needs to reverse the steps. If it is not then the property technically becomes non-livable. 

Generally, these properties being vacant or under preservation, a home inspector is sent to the property for inspection. Now if you cannot contact the company which winterized your property you can contact anyone else and they would send their contractor to carry out the job. SGPNow has been doing winterization of the properties for many years now and has a lot of experience in it. 

Winterization is extremely important for a vacant property if it is sold or if someone is going to occupy it.

How is de-winterization done?

A home inspector would visit the property and then turn on the water knob at the meter initializing the water supply. The inspector would also ensure if all the drain lines and water supply lines are connected to the home prior to initializing the water supply.

The water is mainly turned on to wash away the antifreeze that has been poured into the pipes while winterizing the property. The inspector would later turn it off after a particular time so that the entire antifreeze solution is put out.

The water is again turned on to check if the water is flowing through the pipes and drains freely. Electricity is also turned off during winterization and is again turned on during de-winterization.

You can contact us for the de-winterization of the vacant property. SGPNow is a trustworthy and customer-friendly property preservation company. We perform de-winterization using the following steps:

  • Toilets cleaned and flushed to remove antifreeze
  • Run water through all faucets and spigots to flush antifreeze
  • Removal of winterization notices, warnings, and stickers
  • Conduct a pressure test to ensure the system can still hold 35 psi for 30 minutes
  • Reconnect the water meter
  • A detailed description of the exterior and interior condition of the property
  • Detailed photo documentation
  • Bids for any damages found at the property